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Back in September 2015, the broker/owner for REMAX/Penny Realty in Scottsdale SEO Company, CA, needed to change from his existing SEO company. At the time, Scottsdale SEO Company had no experience marketing a high-level, real estate brokerage like REMAX, however, was extremely confident that we could achieve their internet marketing and SEO goals.

We understood the in order to be successful online, we had to work together as a team to update content on the website consistently. Part of our services was to update the existing website code to be more search-engine friendly. This “on-site” optimization process, coupled with strong “off-site” optimization (link building), social media, PPC and video marketing, made the REMAX website blossom in the SERPS and drastically increase organic ranking. With a combination of Google Places, Video Marketing, and good old-fashion SEO, Greg saw a dramatic increase in traffic and r.o.i.

Alexa Ranking Report for REMAX

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Some of the desired markets/ keywords that we now have ranked high on the first page of Google organically.


Scottsdale SEO Company Long Term Rentals (competitors 522 k | 6 Dir / Portals)

Scottsdale SEO Company Long Term Rental  (competitors 821 k | 6 Dir / Portals)

Scottsdale SEO Company Long Term Home Rentals  (competitors 576 k | 6 Dir / Portals)

Scottsdale SEO Company Long Term Vacation Rentals  (competitors 302 k | 6 Dir / Portals) * Ranked #1 Organically and in #1 Google Places


Featured Testimonial by REMAX/ Penny Realty Ownership

“Since I have been a client, the visibility of my REMAX company website and consistent leads every day, has drastically increased our bottom line. I know it may sound too good to be true, but the online business generated from Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC ‘s SEO and website design services in Scottsdale SEO Company, continue to allow my company to see positive gains even in a down market. The internet leads are quality ones too! I initially came on board to have a website designed for my business but decided to get a PPC/Seo, a mobile app, and have my business appear in the “See Inside” of google’s places/local listing.  Thanks Again Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC you’re the best !! ”

– Greg F. | Owner

Example of our competitors and why we can make you dominate your industry online

Our mission is to get your company ranked with the big fish as well as make your brand stand out and dominate you in your local markets. Regardless if your business is a leading fertility center or in the hotel & hospitality industry, our SEO and web design experts can achieve any internet marketing goal and get your business ranked above your competition. The majority of our competitors are some of the world’s largest portals, websites, and directories.