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“Working with Scottsdale SEO Company has turned out to be one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made. Our internet marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application, Video Production and our overall website traffic/leads has been most impressive since we became clients. We have seen a dramatic increase in revenue generated from online transactions due to their marketing efforts under our desired keywords. Our online visitors has increased every month which creates more value for our company and more important, our clients. This increase in online traffic has given real value to our companies online sales and marketing departments. Our investors really enjoy seeing increased traffic and detailed organic ranking reports!” We strongly recommend them. M Deeney-Owner

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  • 2/23/2012

    We use Scottsdale SEO Companies (Scottsdale SEO Company ) for all of our in-house SEO Search Engine Optimization Needs. We strongly recommend them if you are in search of a quality,  Scottsdale SEO Company Seo Company-Rodrigo.Muller

    Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC - Downtown - Scottsdale SEO Company, CA | Yelp
  •  3/7/2013

I don’t know much about SEO or Internet Marketing but at first I was skeptical about investing with Scottsdale SEO Company. It turned out to be the best decision we have made. I am not sure that others post here but I can tell you that Todd Krasovetz and his SEO  team are nothing but professional, they do what they say and  I get results. I  took the chance and it turned out to be a GREAT decision. Call me if you want to discuss any time-Owner –9Round Costa Mesa, CA

  •  4/1/2014

    I’ve worked on a few projects with Todd over the course of the last 10 years and we’ve accomplished 90% of them. Sometimes projects were scrapped but it was more or less a mutual feeling to discard them. I do believe he has lots of avenues for getting potential clients ranked in the “SERPS”. Additionally, I feel he communicates great and has a decent staff of designers and programmers behind him. Prices are comparable to large Interactive Agency’s; although he’s completed simpler projects for me in the low 3 to 4 hundred range. I think Todd’s most unique and compelling selling points are his art and his SEO. Thanks for taking the time to read my review- Holly Tribazi

    Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC - Downtown - Scottsdale SEO Company, CA | Yelp

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4/20/2012  Scottsdale SEO Company YELP Reviews for Scottsdale SEO Company 

Hello all!
I have been working with K C Interactive Agency in Sa Diego CA for many years and it goes without saying that he and the team at Scottsdale SEO Companies are the most professional SEO Company and Website designer and internet marketers around. The website design work and seo produced is above spectacular and the projects are always on-time and within budget. We were able to get a good R.O.I within 90 days!
I strongly recommend K Interactive Agency for all your SEO, internet marketing or website design projects!
Thanks, K Interactive for everything!
-Missy Ricker – Set Decorator – ABC Studios, Hollywood, CA”


1/17/2013  5 star rating from yelp Scottsdale SEO Company ca Scottsdale SEO Company of Scottsdale SEO Company

We switched our Search Engine Optimization service over to K C Interactive Agency less than 2 weeks ago and already our internet leads have increased over what we were getting for the past year of using our another SEO service.   They have been very easy to work with, I get emails about the new things they are doing to increase our internet leads.  K C Interactive Agency is the BEST SEO Company in Scottsdale SEO Company, I highly recommend them.”
-Mike McCarthy /Owner-: Scottsdale SEO Company, CA


9/30/2012   5 star rating from yelp Scottsdale SEO Company ca Scottsdale SEO Company of Scottsdale SEO Company

Scottsdale SEO Company in my opinion is the best internet marketing company I have ever worked with and have the return on investment to prove it. I was sceptically at first as I was burned by a previous SEO company who claimed to be the best, but I soon realized after working with Scottsdale SEO Company, I made a great decision. Since I have been a client, the  visibility of my company website and consistent leads everyday,  has changed my life as well as the lives of our employees. I know it may sound to good to be true, but the online business we continue to get have allowed my company to see positive gains even in a down market. The internet leads are quality ones to! I initially came on board to have a website designed for my business but decided to get a Sem/Seo, a mobile app, and have my business appear in the “See Inside” of google’s pleace/local listing. . Thanks Again K C Interactive Agency your the best !!
-Dan Wolfson /Owner-Handyhang Up -Scottsdale SEO Company Business Owner


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