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   Lifeionizer Case Study by Scottsdale SEO Back in July 2017, the team at & Water Treatment Specialists  looked to find out what was the reason was as to why there was such a big drop in their “Organic ” ranking online. Prior to 2017, the company was doing quite well in the SERPS, but then began to saw a drastic change in their presence online.

Why Our SEO Company

Confused as to what was the cause the dramatic decline in traffic and ranking, the team hired Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC, a Scottsdale SEO Company based SEO digital agency to find out why.

Are Toxic Links Crushing Your Business?

After hundreds of hours and tireless research and testing, Scottsdale SEO Company discovered that there were many reasons why and related sister websites were having so many ranking issues. To simplify, for starters, they grew to fast in the SERPS, to many back links to quickly, can adopt Google penalties. Second, to may toxic links were found in the website. Third, there was a large amount of data that was not be correctly optimized. Learn More

Value of Our Data & Reporting

If you own a online business, then you know the difference between a case study that is all marketing fluff and one that demonstrates an ability to have real business impact.

Our SEO case studies are the real thing

Our internet marketing and SEO case studies are the real thing. You’ll see that we don’t promote “guaranteed rankings”, “more visibility” or any of the other tricks found with other SEO companies. Scottsdale SEO Company, LLC case studies revolve around what really matters, R.O.1 & sales. You can feel confident that our clients invest with the intention to grow their businesses online, not just to feel better through brand marketing.

The graphs above show the result of our Search engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for and their family of websites.