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Welcome, to our International SEO, services page. Most businesses based in the US focus on three levels for SEO, local, regional & national.



Value of gathering all relevant traffic, globally


At each of these level’s,  we can break it down to geo-specific key-phrases. Alternatively, with our International SEO services, we focus on marketing content globally. as often a company’s main focus is to optimize a website for these 3 specific search types of  key-phrases as well.


Clients and Keywords

A local lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, for example, would be wasting time and money optimizing their website for a generic search terms.  Naturally,  they are hyper-competitive. Furthermore,  even if the firm could rank well for theses  terms and drive traffic, most of the traffic would be irrelevant  and with a low conversion rate. This does not happen with our solutions.


Short & long-tail keyphrases

Most SEO experts agree that having a mix of short & long-tail keyphrases coupled with a geo targets keyphrase are one possible solution to maximize exposure. If the same attorney had a regional campaign focusing on the keyphrase “Harassment lawyers in Scottsdale SEO Company” this would make more sense.  This would maximize the return on investment by focusing on keywords that are specific to the area near the law office.


Keywords with a larger geographical reach

For companies who see a much larger geographical reach, the focus might be on several metro areas or several states. Within the U.S., targeting customers who live close from each other in states is a fairly straightforward matter. However,  outside the United States,  trying to target customers who live a few hours travel from each other is much more complex because these prospects live in different countries and speak different languages While international SEO can become quite complicated, here are some basics to take into consideration.

Scottsdale SEO Company

You will notice in the Alexa Analytics graff above, of one of our current international SEO clients. One of the challenges, was that we had was that we were tasked to market the business under multiple countries and products.


The Power of Magento & Ecommerce

With hard work, we were able to increase SEO organic positioning online under relevant key phrases using the different country (compilation) and the specific product category’s, if desired. By effectively analyzing both, on-off site optimization, we helped dramatically reduce CTR (Click Through Rate) and Bounce Rate. Finally,  while increasing how much time clients were shopping on the website and with a higher conversion.

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