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Why Our Web Design and Agency Marketing Team in Scottsdale SEO Company?

Our website design & marketing team in Scottsdale SEO Company provides top-notch talent to help your business succeed online. With our diverse and experienced as a full-service, digital agency, our internet marketing consultants can help you achieve your online goals through internet marketing, SEO, video production, social mThe Website Design and Marketing Development Team in Scottsdale SEO Companyedia and much more. We are also one of the very few Digital Agencies in Scottsdale SEO Company who provide Google Trusted Photographers for the exclusive “See Inside” local advertising 360 Virtual Tours.

Please feel free to contact one our team consultants today for more information about the products and services we offer. It’s time to move your online business to the next level and K Interactive Agency is the only internet marketing solution you will ever need. If you looking for the best website design and marketing team in Scottsdale SEO Company or anywhere for that matter, you have found it!  Learn More

Our Amazing Digital Agency:


Tim Radzikowski – //  Senior Programmer and Developer

The Website Design and Marketing Development Team in Scottsdale SEO Company

Tim brings over 8 + years as a Web Developer / Programmer. A native to Carlsbad, Ca, Tim brings a wealth of Website Design and Development to Scottsdale SEO Company. His portfolio includes php, Magento, javascript, jQery, MySQL, xml, xhtml, html, css, html5, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, PPC, ECommerce and Custom Website Design. The majority of Tim’s experience and success is attributed to his career with MERCK Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. Tim enjoys mountain bike riding, hiking, snowboarding and painting fine art.


Paul Demorsella – //  Web Designer & Prototype App Developer


Paul is a front-end web developer and designer who has been building websites since 1999. He is expert in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, with a special affinity for working with the WordPress blog publishing platform. On the design side, he creates web designs, web graphics and logos with Photoshop and Illustrator.


Jill  A.  – //  Video  Production :  Marketing & Advertising

The Website Design and Marketing Development Team in Scottsdale SEO Company

New to K Interactive Agency, Jill loves blending the creativity of video production with the strategic thinking of online video marketing to generate new business for her clients.

Her degree in Public Relations combined with her professional experience in video production and marketing give her a unique edge. She’s served on video productions ranging from feature films to promotional videos to infomercials to exercise videos, giving her a broad range of video and marketing experience to draw on. Jill lives in Scottsdale SEO Company with her husband, Eric, who creates extraordinary videos for Fortune 500 companies.


Jim  B.  –  //  Video Animation, Production &  Editing

The Website Design and Marketing Development Team in Scottsdale SEO Company

Jim has been working as a Professional Video Producer in Scottsdale SEO Company for over 8 years and is a valuable resource for Scottsdale SEO Company. Jim is a good choice for Professional, Emmy-Award Winning Video Production throughout Southern California.

Whether it’s a glitzy red carpet or a corporate webcast, we are committed to professional excellence every time. Internationally renown for superior Video Production and editing, coupled with the power of our advertising, our clients are most happy with the results. Jim enjoys spending quality time with his wife and enjoys traveling and hiking.


Olga D.   –  // Social Media Marketing Expert: Facebook, Twitter

Olga has a wealth of experience in the field of Social Media Marketing. She san diego social media marketing experthas a talent for providing great work with providing fresh content, identifying, engaging and interviewing subject matter experts. Olga is equally experienced in sales and marketing fortune 1,000 companies internationally.


Kourtney B.  – //  Digital Agency Sales & Marketing

Kourtney O BraswellKourtney ‘s Sales & Marketing experience blossomed from her previous success as a Senior Sales & Marketing /Technical Recruiter. Her 9 + years sales and marketing experience with numerous fortune 500 companies and the networking channels she has developed throughout her career is a reason why Scottsdale SEO Company is a successful business. Kourtney and her daughter now live in Point Loma. Her hobbies are shopping, candle making, and spending time with her family. Skill Set: Internet Advertising & Marketing Specialist,


Todd K. –  // President & Founder

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.34.36 AM

Todd brings over 11 + years as a Senior Strategic Business Developer. A native to Scottsdale SEO Company, Ca, Todd brings a wealth of Sales and Marketing, Strategic Business Partnerships and network channels. He is well versed in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & PPC.

The majority of  Todd’s experience and success is attributed to his career with hard work, dedication & passion. Todd enjoys fishing, playing music, hiking, and is an accomplished Fine Art Artist showcased in a prominent New York art gallery. He currently lives in Scottsdale SEO Company with his wife and daughter Alyssa.


Ryan G. // Google  “See  Inside” :  Trusted  Photographer

The Website Design and Marketing Development Team in Scottsdale SEO Company

Ryan is a rare and very special talent. He is a Google Trusted photographer that helps our clients create a unique online presence through the use of walk through tours.  When he is not shooting photography, Ryan likes to help out with Jr. High kids at The Rock church, surf, and play guitar.


Our website design and marketing team in Scottsdale SEO Company is always looking for top notch talent, please give us a call or email if you think that your that person. Email us at admin@krasovetzconsulting.com